Awards Program


The Foundation encourages improvement by recognizing and rewarding accomplishment in the following categories:

  1. Legal Reform
  2. Crime Prevention
  3. Child Protection
  4. Speeding the Process
  5. Crime Victims’ Rights
  6. Alternative Sentencing
  7. Lowering the Cost
  8. Improvements to Civil Litigation Process
  9. Other Significant Efforts

The Foundation recognizes and awards up to seven nominees on an annual basis with an award package which includes: the Paul H. Chapman Gold Medal, a check for $10,000, a certificate of appreciation, and an invitation to an awards banquet in Atlanta, Georgia.

Please note that these are awards for successful accomplishments inclusive of innovative programs which have proven effective and can serve as models for others. Recipients are not required to render any further services as a condition of receiving an award. The Foundation does NOT provide grants for future projects, anticipated works, nor scholarships for desired aspirations.

Members of neither the Foundation nor their relatives are eligible for recognition. In addition, previous award recipients are not eligible for consideration.

This awards program is open to all individuals, programs, and organizations within the United States.

Click below to learn how to submit a nomination, or to read about our past recipients