Nomination Tips


What is considered a “self-nomination”?

The Foundation for Improvement of Justices does NOT accept self-nomination submissions.  The definition of “self-nomination” is that JOHN DOE cannot nominate JOHN DOE.  However, an individual affiliated with an organization and/or program is eligible to nominate his/her organization and/or program.  This can be done with the understanding that the contact person for the nominated organization and/or program is not the nominee.

Is a cover letter necessary?

Yes and it MUST be signed by the nominator(s).   It is imperative that a cover letter is included with the packet and is separate from the two-page summary.  This cover letter MUST include complete contact information for both the nominator and nominee.  Complete information includes names, positions, mailing addresses, cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Can the nomination summary be longer than two pages?

No.  All nominations MUST be restricted to two pages with the following guidelines:

  • Double-spaced
  • Typewritten (10” to 12” standard font)
  • 1 ” margins
  • NO reference to personal names, political affiliation, gender or geographical location.
  • Use references such as “nominee”, “city”, “state”.
  • Do NOT use letterhead, page#, charts, graphs, annotation or footnotes in this summary.

How does the Foundation select its annual award recipients?

All nominations that are received by the third Friday in May and fall within the established guidelines are eligible for consideration.  These two-page nomination summaries are submitted to each Board member for review and consideration for recognition.  The Board of Directors will meet in June when discussions and voting is executed.  The initial stage of judging is based on the two-page summary alone, and therefore it should include all pertinent information.

Is it necessary to include evidence and/or supporting documentation along with my submission?

Yes.  This MUST be included along with the submission in order to be considered “in good standing”.  This information is necessary for verification purposes.

What type of evidence and/or supporting documentation can I send?

Many forms of supporting documentation are acceptable.  You are encouraged to include accomplishments of commendations, endorsements, newspaper/magazine articles, TV and/or Radio clips or other links.  Substance counts!

What would make my nomination stand-out to Board members?

The Foundation has been established for over 30 years.  Hence, we have had an opportunity to recognize a variety of individuals, organizations and programs.  The Board seeks nominations of new and innovative works.  Moreover, it seeks accomplishments of high impact as well as broad based improvements.  The Board holds a high level of interest in those works/achievements that have been developed and expanded in a variety of criminal/civil jurisdictions.

What type of information should I include in my nomination?

It is important to convey proven results and time frames of which the achievement(s) has taken place.  Be specific when explaining the areas of achievements and the impact the nominee has made in the arena of recognition.

When can I expect to hear regarding the selection of this year’s award recipients?

Each nominator will be informed by the end of July regarding the Board’s decision on the year’s award recipients.

If my nomination is not selected, can I resubmit for the following year?

Yes.  All nominations and supporting documentation is retained by the Foundation for one year.  However, if you elect to have your nomination considered for the coming year, it is IMPERATIVE that a new cover letter be submitted as well as any additional supporting documentation and/or revision to the original two-page nomination submission.

Will I get the materials sent back to me?

No.  The Foundation will retain the information for one year.  At that time, all materials are properly discarded if the nomination is not updated for re-submission.